They say that they can change our memories. 

They can insert DNA and tiny robots, called nano-technology to enter our brains and change our memories and even control us.

They are part of Lucifer’s kingdom because they puncture the arm and draw blood. A simple act of violence, to penetrate the skin, the blood and the flesh symbolizes the technology of a kingdom of the Earth and of flesh.


So here is my question. If they can do that…


Can’t we do that using the spirit and the soul and the heart?

Surely we can. Our soul and spirit is able to change our memories, rebirth is possible, within our own minds, without an act of violence and without the use of Luciferian technology.


If the demonic kingdom can do these things using its science and physical technology, then it is proof that we are born with a spiritual potential to change our memories, our past, present and future. As it says…

“Every tear shall be wiped away”

“There will be a new heaven and a new earth.”

“There will be no memory of the former times.”

“You must be born again of the water and the spirit.”


If Lucifer is able to do these kinds of things now. Then we humans are able to do these things now also, as we are created in God’s image and it is his teaching that rebirth and healing are possible now, in this world through our own faith and belief. We can raise the dead, we can convert water into wine, we can walk on water, we can leave the past behind and be reborn in an instant through faith, through belief and by following his example.


“Follow me and I will give you living waters of eternal life, which when you drink you will never thirst again.”


No image is needed here, idolatry signifies focusing on a picture or an image which is dead. What I mean is that it is easy for the simple-minded to desire to worship an icon, a cross, a symbol or some other “thing” which they can touch, taste, see or sense with their limited field of five sense reality. Humanity’s natural instinct seems to be towards idolatry of an image in whatever form it takes, but the rebirth of the spirit of the soul and the heart requires no image.


Why are humans idolatrous? When children are born they begin life by distinguishing shapes and grabbing things, material things and objects and distinguishing between this and that. In this sense the human being is born with a mind which starts out in every single life with a “fallen” mind, one that begins in materiality. 


So, our symbols and religious images attract the infant mind which desires to cling to images and objects, then behind these symbols we have writings and scriptures, and only with great persistence there is a transcendence and rebirth from the physical object reality to the reality of the spirit and the soul. We move from a state to an action, leaving behind the world of objects and images and entering another world, a limitless world, a world without blood or suffering.



Although it seems complex and many have dissected Hamlet it is simple. Hamlet is compelled by circumstances and by the actions of those around him to act in a certain way, to go mad and to take revenge due to betrayal, and grief. Betrayal of his mother with his uncle, betrayal of his uncle by killing his father and then the false nature of those around him who he once trusted but can no longer trust.


The story calls for a savior of Hamlet. Someone to redeem him from the deepest Hell. But in a pre-Christian, pagan kingdom, where this story is set, there can be no savior as there is no Christ. He is compelled to act and to kill and try to do justice for his father. 


The invading armies of Fortinbras were already on the way to do that justice for Hamlet. If he had contact with the divine architect of this world, he may have been able to rely on his faith and the invading armies to punish those who had betrayed him. There was even a chance for him to escape the country when his evil uncle wanted him to go and study abroad, unknowingly, he sealed his own fate through the pursuit of his own power and revenge, when in fact that justice was already coming and his salvation was knocking him on the shoulder. 


Our mistake is to follow Hamlet, in trying to do justice and forgetting that there is a divine architect who has in fact set in motion a perfect, beautiful system of justice. Even if we humans cannot see it or perceive it, there is a perfect harmony ultimately at work and by trying to take control over destiny ourselves we lose sight of that. Trusting in God, as opposed to trusting in our own attempts through science, politics, and any other human systems is the only option to ending the suffering.