Doubt and Fear

Doubt and fear will always be here.

But my dear, there is no more time for that.

It is time to go full speed.

To not look back.

To annihilate the past.

Maybe leave the past behind.

I will be a new man with a new mind.

The eternal water of life in me.

Will be the guiding spirit.

Will wash away all of the loneliness and pain.

There is no more time left for this self-doubt.

Whether I am right or wrong, now is a good time.

To leave all behind, as I have done before.

And I will do one more time, when my body dies.

But this last time of death and rebirth will be 

A time of supreme joy and love and no more doubt.

What can I be certain about?

Why can I be so certain now?

Because I recognize the spirit in me, 

And I know who I am deep, deep down.

A water springing up, to eternal life.

I have only one goal to fulfil,

To overflow and pour out my joy

And share it with those around me

Who are drinking at the fountain with me.

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